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» Chasing hunger
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 Chasing hunger

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Iris Yorunoko
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Chasing hunger Empty
PostSubject: Chasing hunger   Chasing hunger EmptyWed Jun 28, 2017 4:46 pm

Time of the Day: Evening
Availability: Public
Status: Open
RP Type: Literature
Rate: For Everyone
Characters Involved:
* Iris Yorunoko

Iris: This day was definitely long. The school year was coming to the end, so there were a lot of preparations and cleaning to be done. The only good thing was that the lessons were more easy going, as grades for this semester were already decided in most cases and only some people were still fighting to make them better. As Iris remembered, she was never one of it, as she cared for her grades through the whole semester and the end of the year was meaning free time, or, as she started to engage in school activities when she signed up for class representative in her old school, before moving here, this warm, busy period when lots of things needed to be done. Today she stayed longer to just organize and put aside papers in student council room, as a lot of them gathered during the year, especially it wasn't only connected to the learning aspect of school. Well, she didn't manage to do it all, but she was quite happy with what she managed to do. Now she was heading from school grounds to the dorms. She was just passing through the school entrance. She stopped for a while, to stretch herself a bit. "Ahhh, I'm so hungry..." she said to herself in her thoughts. She was wondering what she should eat... Should she buy some instant noodle soup and eat it at dorms? Or use dorms kitchen and make some homemade soup by herself? She couldn't quite decide... She continued to walk, still thinking.
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Chasing hunger
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