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 In search of something

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Jan Müller
Student Council
Student Council

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PostSubject: In search of something   Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:03 pm

Time of the Day: Evening
Availability: Private
Status: Open
RP Type: Script
Rate: For Everyone
Characters Involved:
* Kairi Matsuhara
* Jan Müller

Jan: He slowly opens the door to the Abandoned Laboratory. The door presents a bit of resistence but eventually gives in with a rusty noise. He looks around. No one's here. There are a lot of tables with all kinds of objects on them. Documents, glasses, different tools for the experiemtns.... the place is really crowded- object speaking. Everything seems covered in dust. After some seconds of inspection, he steps in, without rush, fully aware of his surroundings. After a few meters, he stops, hands in his pockets, without turning around, still inspecting, thinking where to look first. "Well.... Here we are." He slowly approaches one of the windows. No one's outside. It looks like nobody has followed them, but they weren't going to lower their guard. He touches the window with his index finger, which ends up dirty with dust. He rubs it off, thoughtful.
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Student Council
Student Council

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PostSubject: Re: In search of something   Mon Sep 26, 2016 8:53 pm

KAIRI: He enters after Jan and slowly activates his electronic device to run a scan over the place and area surrounding them, just in case anything or anyone had decided to make them company. After making sure nothing was wrong he walked over to a table and dusted off some papers, folders and old documents that ended being forgotten in the place after the incident 28 year ago. Kairi had only heard the rumors about it and the brief about the situation that the Headmasters gave each of the student council members when they joined the guardians.

"I can only wonder how this place is still in one piece..." he looked around, noticing some small alterations on the air, reflections of the great dangers that awaited outside each door that was currently sealed with force fields preventing the creatures inside from getting outside.

"Let's see if there is anything missing here..." He was just working with what his brains told him to do "If there is indeed an enemy cooking something out there... it's most likely that they already investigated this place..."


****OOC: Here, I'm working on making a database more accessible in Google Drive =) I have initial data on the abandoned laboratory data, I'll add up sutff while we roleplay, if you have ideas, drop them in there and I'll arrange them later Wink

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In search of something
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